Practice Charter

Your Rights and Ours

You should be treated with respect and for your medical details to remain confidential. We should be treated with respect and other patients; needs should also be respected.
You should be able to be seen by the doctor within 2 working days, or for urgent cases, on the same day. It is for the doctor to judge whether a problem is urgent. The doctor may refuse consultations without appointment or home visit at any time.
You may request a home visit if you are too ill to leave the house. The doctor should not be disturbed outside working hours except in emergencies.
You should be able to contact the doctor outside working hours for a serious medical emergency. We have the right to refuse treatment, which we consider unnecessary and to expect our advice or treatment to be followed.
You have the right to receive advice, treatment or referral appropriate for your condition. Registration with a doctor is a voluntary relationship and may be terminated by either party without explanation.
We are happy to listen to any suggestions you may have regarding ways of improving our service. We do not expect patients to demonstrate any acts of verbal or physical aggression towards any of the doctors or staff at the practice.